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Chemical Essentials

Chemical Essential

"Their sales reps are excellent and very knowledgeable..." - Chemical Essentials
  • When they started working with LocalRep in 2012, Melbourne based cleaning solutions company Chemical Essentials was a small business that did not want to take on full time sales staff on a national level. In a country the size of Australia and without a staff of thousands at his disposal, Managing Director Andrew Chalmers found it challenging to get his products and F10 brand name the exposure they needed.

      Getting around was very difficult and in the beginning I spent a lot of time myself travelling to get our products out there. We were looking for industry reps of some sort for years and when we heard what LocalRep had started up we decided to give them a try.
  • Chemical Essentials started working with LocalRep in Tasmania and very quickly saw benefits for the business in terms of sales and brand awareness. They expanded soon after to cover a wider area and have been working together ever since.

      LocalRep gets our F10 brand in front of people and this has helped us grow our brand recognition and sales. Their sales reps are excellent and very knowledgeable so it’s easy to bring them up to speed on new products. We have had a few issues with sales reps but when we have, LocalRep have always sorted it out straight away.
  • As well as sales and brand recognition, Chemical Essentials has benefited greatly from the market information provided by LocalRep as part of their ongoing CRM.

      The reports we get in let us make adjustments on the go and identify problems almost in real time – it’s just really good market information.
  • Andrew believes that the reason why LocalRep is such a perfect match for businesses like Chemical Essentials essentially comes down to flexibility and scalability.

      I would definitely recommend LocalRep for small to medium companies – you can turn it on and off when you want with no need to increase your company’s head count.
Life Bio science

Life Bio science

  •   I have been a client of LocalRep for over 5 years. On behalf they promote a range of diagnostic test kits to Veterinary Clinics. The sales people have proven effective in developing business as well as writing excellent an informative reports…. As LocalRep provide all my representation these reports are excellent in giving me a view of the market place.
  •   Flexibility of the service has been very useful in my business situation where I can focus on particular geographical markets as and when it suits my business. They handle the supply of products through the Veterinary wholesale channel very effectively. I value the direct communications with the sales team which is a positive aspect of working with the LocalRep team.
  •   I would be happy to recommend LocalRep and the experience and knowledge in the Australian Veterinary market.


  Local Rep is an effective way to spread the word about new products. The teams we have worked with are professional, friendly and dedicated and provide excellent, actionable feedback from calls. Instore demonstrations and training has been appreciated by our clients, and have provided measureable results. I have no hesitation in recommending them as an effective, professional, targeted salesforce.

Why not join Andrew and Chemical Essentials and find out what we can do for your business?

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