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The Sales Manager's Challenge

Full time sales people don’t come cheap but ask most sales and marketing executives the most reliable way to improve their sales and they’ll tell you additional feet on the ground have most impact. In today’s world information has never been so freely available and we’re all bombarded by electronic communication, from e-mail to Facebook. Information delivered in person by someone you trust to represent your interests has never had more value and never been as expensive to provide!

At LocalRep we understand the challenges of selling into the animal health market in ANZ. These include:


  • The perennial head count battle tied to the “cut your costs and increase you sales” mantra of head offices,often a long way away from here;
  • Covering the distance;
  • Not just how do we service Tasmania or Far North Queensland, but can we justify a person in Perth or Adelaide?
  • Can our Auckland based rep cover Christchurch?
  • One person doing WA & SA? Does our Sydney rep flying into Perth three times a year (should be four but let’s be realistic...) really understand the WA market as well as a local?
  • How do we retain staff that only want to work part time?
  • Travel budgets not only represent hard cash but also lost selling time in airports, cars and hotels;
  • How do we get past the gate keeper to the people who can make the decision?
  • How do we manage under-performing sales staff?

The LocalRep model supplies skilled sales professionals who live "in territory".