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Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE)

SFE is a mantra of today's senior managers and it is notoriously difficult to measure (other than using sales data).

  • How many calls per day/per week?
  • How do you measure call quality?
  • Are we seeing the right people?
  • How do we get the team to use our CRM effectively?

At LocalRep our currency is sales calls

We pay our people per call made and we generally charge our clients per call. Whether our people do two calls per day or five calls per day is irrelevant to you.  You only pay when a meaningful call has been made on your behalf.  No call... no fee.

What’s a meaningful call?

Our team have to answer the question “Did you achieve something of value for the client?” in each and every call. We use the same KPI’s on our team as you’d use on your own people.

Sick leave, holidays, long service leave, parental leave... these challenges are our problem not yours. You never have to wonder about the activity of your sales team. If our people don’t make calls you don’t pay. If you have issues with a team member, we will resolve it. We advertise, we recruit, and we manage on your behalf.

Detailed Reporting

Our call reports are crystal clear: Who we saw, when, what was said, and any actions required. We can supply detailed interactive maps allowing you to visualise where we've been on your behalf and allowing you to call up the notes for the visits (including history where applicable). Data collected by our team can be used to create targeted email or telemarketing campaigns on your behalf.