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Outsourcing Your Sales Process

We live in a time where information has never been so easily available and everyone is bombarded by electronic communication, from email to Facebook.

While emails, social media, and online advertising all have their place, when it comes to selling veterinary pharmaceutical products, information delivered in person by someone you trust to represent your interests has never been more value. It has also never been more expensive.

Full time sales people don’t come cheap, but ask most sales and marketing executives the most reliable way to improve their sales and they’ll tell you additional feet on the ground have the most impact. Unfortunately, the cost of hiring a dedicated sales team these days is often prohibitive, especially for smaller businesses and start-ups.

It’s not just cost that’s the problem. Even bigger organisations face a number of limitations when it comes to managing their sales staff, especially when they are covering a country as large as Australia. These challenges include:

  • The continual pressure to cut costs and increase sales, which often comes from head offices and managers located a far distance away;
  • Logistical headaches covering the enormous geographical distances between customers, even in the same state;
  • The difficulty in justifying the cost of having people specifically dedicated to each state or region;
  • Will reps that fly into a state three or four times a year really understand the local market as well as someone who lives in the area?
  • How to retain employees that only want to work part-time;
  • Travel expenses, not only in the form of transportation and accommodation but also the cost of lost selling time in airports, cars, and hotels;
  • How to get past the gatekeepers to the decision makers when you only meet with them a few times a year;
  • How to manage under-performing sales staff;

These are just some of the issues that are faced by companies of all sizes trying to sell into the animal health market in ANZ – we could go on!

Fortunately there is another way. Outsourcing your sales process can alleviate many of the stresses that come with trying to cover a huge geographical area and maximise the effectiveness of your sales staff.

How LocalRep can help

When you work with LocalRep you get access to skilled sales professionals who live in the area you are targeting. Most of the sales reps we use live within a 120-minute car ride from their customers. This means a huge reduction in travel costs and downtime, along with specialised local knowledge that allows them to get to know key decision makers and build long lasting relationships.

We pay our people per call made and we generally charge our clients per call. Whether our people do two calls per day or five calls per day is irrelevant to you because you only pay when a meaningful call has been made on your behalf. No call... no fee. It really is that simple.

Sick leave, holidays, long service leave, parental leave... these challenges are our problem not yours.If our people don’t make calls you don’t pay. If you have issues with a team member, that’s our problem to resolve, not yours. We advertise, we recruit and we manage on your behalf.

We provide crystal clear call reports that tell you who we saw, when we saw them, what was said and any actions required.

We can supply detailed interactive maps that let you visualise where we've been on your behalf and allow you to call up the notes for the visits (including history where applicable). As well as improving your sales force effectiveness, the data collected by our team can be used to create targeted email or telemarketing campaigns on your behalf.

There are many benefits to outsourcing your sales process

Ff you are keen to know more about how we can help you, please get in touch with us at LocalRep today!