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About Us

Localrep provide a highly effective, smart sales service for the Veterinary/Pet market sectors. Make your business more efficient whilst benefiting from the winning relationships of the LocalRep team.

Our mission is to build business sales loyalty by utilising locally based skilled sales professionals to represent you as part of your team.

Contact us now to find out how Localrep can help you achieve your short and medium term sales objectives.

Who are we?

Stuart Towers

Stuart is originally from the North of England and has worked in Sales & Marketing for many years.

He's married to an Australian vet, which has ensured a wonderful "life sentence" down under.

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John McNally

John is a Scots born vet who moved to Australia for 3 years in 2002!  10 years experience of clinical practice and 25 years experience of working in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry in technical and commercial roles to country manager level gives him a broad perspective of the animal health industry.

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Why a LocalRep?

Close to home...

As our name suggests we specialise in locally based territory managers. Not only does this keep travel time and costs to a minimum but it gives our people a unique insight into the issues and challenges of doing business in their locality. On a practical note the cancelled appointment is much easier to re-schedule when the clinic or store is within an hour’s drive of home.

Travel is expensive and often un-productive. A normal four and a half day calling week is quickly shortened by flights and the normal airport hassles. Add-in hotels and hire cars and your cost per call for the week goes through the roof. With our help, most clinics and stores within the larger regional population areas are within 90-120 minutes drive of our team.

Many of today’s territory managers don’t want to stay away from home, let’s face it nights on your own in soul-less motel rooms wouldn’t appeal to most of us. When kids come along, the additional pressures of home life can lead to high levels of staff turnover. Our people work at times that suit them and fit their work around their home life.