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LocalRep passes the 5 year milestone!

Happy 5th Birthday!

At LocalRep we are very excited to be celebrating our 5 year anniversary! Over the last five years LocalRep has made 16,366 sales calls to pet stores and vets across Australia and New Zealand and our team has grown from just two members to 15.

We wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the story of LocalRep and how we have evolved over the last half a decade.

How it all started.........

LocalRep was registered in July 2011 and we made our first sales call in November that year. 

Founders Stuart and John both had extensive experience in multinational pharmaceutical companies but had noticed a gap in the market for an effective sales force that focused on providing local reps (hence the name!) to sell products in regional areas.

In the veterinary pharmaceutical industry, most sales reps are hired directly by a single company. There might be one sales rep to cover an entire state, or even more than one state (for example Perth and Adelaide). This means they have to cover an extremely wide area and often spend most of their time travelling. The lifestyle takes its toll on many sales reps that find being away from home for long periods of time challenging, and it also means that working part time or flexible hours is just not feasible.

This situation is just as problematic for employers. The cost of travelling, from air fares, hire cars, meals and hotels are extremely high and keep on rising year after year. Factor in unforeseen mishaps and delays at airports and companies often end up paying their reps a small fortune to make one sales call.

Our vision

The vision behind LocalRep was to create an effective sales force that was based around the country while tapping into the fantastic pool of trained and talented sales reps looking to return to the workforce after starting a family.

Our clients would get local, skilled sales professionals in every state without the need to meet the high transportation and accommodation expenses of employing someone to travel there, and we would provide a flexible, part time source of income for our sales reps.

We envisaged that LocalRep would disrupt the traditional sales model of the animal health industry, it would be fully scalable and make use of cloud based software and CRM systems.

Ideally, we wanted to provide a service that was a solution for smaller businesses who didn’t want to hire full time sales staff but that would also have the capability to service bigger organisations looking for a cost effective way to sell their products and build their brand visibility.

Where we are now

Five years after we started, LocalRep is going from strength to strength. Our client base has expanded and we have moved from selling just to vets to now include pet stores and semi rural customers. We’ve also moved into a number of metro areas and have had great success in New Zealand.

As well as the face to face selling, we also do telemarketing work for clients and we have built a fantastic CRM that forms the centre of our business, giving our clients access to regularly updated information to maximise their chances of sales success.

Over the last five years we have worked with all clients great and small...., including many of the big names in our industry e.g. Elanco, MSD & Zoetis to name but a few.

The number of sales calls we make per month has almost quadrupled over the past five years with an average of 437 calls per month in 2015, up from 122 in 2012.

Our sales reps

One of LocalRep’s biggest assets is our dedicated, locally based sales reps. By selling multiple brands and products in a single sales call, our reps take up less time with customers, which they appreciate. Because they are managing multiple clients, there is always something new to present, saving on boredom and repetition.

Our sales reps are mostly trying to juggle work with family commitments and they appreciate the flexible hours and the lack of long distance travel. Their local knowledge is a huge asset when they are building relationships and selling products for our clients.

The future

At LocalRep we are very excited about the future. Our business model is highly scalable so we have plenty of room for growth and changing trends in the workforce mean that people are looking for more flexible opportunities to earn an income.

We have many long-term clients who have been with us for several years now and they range from large multinationals to fledgling start-ups. Our flexibility is one of our biggest assets and we are happy to help with short term, long term, single territories or national coverage.

If you are interested in finding out how LocalRep can help you please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.